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Unusual Cat Breeds

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There […]

Turkish Angora Cats

Are you looking to get a new cat soon? Great! You may want to consider a purebred cat. There […]

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Cat Health

General hints to keep your kitty healthy!

Awesome Tips To Help Keep Your Cat Healthy!

Your little bundle of fur can be practically considered as part of the household family, so why wouldn’t you make sure he or she is super happy and healthy? In this article we will look at a few starting points for your cat’s health. Cat health is strongly influenced by what kitty eats. Obesity is a major element in heart disease especially as the cat gets older. Opt for a pet food to your cat that’s right for it’s era but feed it frequently. If in doubt […]

Common Cat Health Problems

Common Cat Health Problems

If you are new to owning a cat, you may be surprised to find that health problems are a common thing. No matter what breed of cat you own, health problems are to be expected. Some may be hereditary, while others can easily be prevented. Worms No matter what breed of cat it may be, worms are a very common and recurring problem. Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are among the most common that infect cats. Cats who have problems gaining weight, problems with fleas, or if you […]

Your Cat's First Vet Visit

Your Cat’s First Vet Visit

So you’ve got a new cat, and she needs a checkup. On your first vet visit, your vet will take the lead and give you some basic information, and probably will go through a fairly standard routine. Upwards of 90% of the information you need, however, will be based on the questions that you ask your vet. Somewhere, typically towards the end of the checkup, your vet will ask you if you have any questions. Usually, by that time, your adrenaline has been pumping, and you’ve been […]

How To Keep Your Cat Healthy & Your Home Clean

How To Keep Your Cat Healthy & Your Home Clean

There’s no question that our cats are full-fledged family members. Their loyalty, their love, and their ability to comfort us are unparalleled. Sometimes, though, their hair or odors can leave an unwelcome footprint in our homes. Just as we clean up the spills made by our kids (or our spouses!), it’s up to us to clean up after our cats. Luckily, there are any number of products that make pet care a breeze. Cat Litter Boxes Cats are generally low maintenance pets, but their litter boxes often […]

Deworming Multiple Cats

Ah yes, everyone’s favorite pet chore. One day you clean your cats’ box and discover little white chunks of what appear to be cooked spaghetti lodged in the feces, that is, until one starts to move. You know then that it’s time to deworm your cats. If your veterinarian says that your cat doesn’t have anything particularly tough or nasty then he or she may recommend a regular schedule using commercial dewormers that can be found readily in any pet store. Your veterinarian even may have a […]

Stop Your Cat From Spraying!