Is My Cat Playing Or Fighting?

Cats love to play & playing rough is quite normal. Outdoor cats will play rough with other cats in their neighborhood. Biting your arm or legs can be fair play for your furry friend. Cats that have extra energy and difficulty finding ways to release that energy can be a very playful cat.

What’s the difference in fighting and playing with cats?

Cats that are not acquainted with each other can often fight. Cats will to try to dominant the other cat, crying, hissing continuously are the indications of a fight brewing. This is important to learn, particularly if your cat is an outside cat and experiences a different cat visiting their home territory. You will be able to tell if its fighting or playing.

Distraction is the best approach to separate fighting cats. Make a loud noise, firm voice, cats do not like loud sounds so this is a fantastic way. Have spray bottles handy to use. Cats don’t like to get sprayed with water. Once they have ceased fighting instantly separate them so they are unable to see each other. This aggression will have to be dealt with carefully. Letting cats to keep on fighting will potentially get a cat hurt and injured; this may cause diseases or other serious injuries that require veterinary treatment.

Cat play is totally standard and you shouldn’t interfere too much with them playing. If the playing turns too rough then use distractions to break any chance of a fight developing. Have lots of toys for your cat to play with, their very own scratch pole, or their own climbing tree to play in.

With multiple cats in a home, you will want to create an environment for every cat to have a place to feel comfortable. Some cats can adapt with other cats at home. Some can’t and won’t have the ability to share any space. You will find some cat breeds that will not fit in a home that has other cats or dogs around. These kinds of cats may have high stress and fast aggression towards other cats or pets. Its best advised to get more info on the type of cat breeds that will live together and the ones that want their own space. There are loads of books and online sites for you to research this further.

Hitting your cats will not accomplish any thing; this is going to make your cat fear you, since this will lead to no communicating with your cat. Training will not be possible, as communication is the main factor when training your pet. Physical punishment to a pet isn’t the key. Remember your cat is a companion and a friend. We, as humans, would not physically or emotionally hurt our love ones or friends.

Remember, if your cats aren’t fighting and are just playing with each other, this is a sign of good communication with one another. Allowing the communication to continue will help the relationship to grow and develop. Always remember, communication is a great tool when seeking to train your cat.