Seriously, A Black Cat Is Just A Cat!

Never Fear A Black Cat!

When our old cat died, we decided this time to pick one from the local rescue shelter. They’d named the very first cat that we saw “Batman”, and we fell instantly in love with him on sight.

However, once we brought him home, we discovered he didn’t really have the “intestinal fortitude” of his comic book namesake. We also made some mistakes that led to a month long struggle, gently coaxing him from his hiding spot to join the family.

We decided to rename him “Kuma”, and he’s wonderful kitty, but my guests seem somewhat uncomfortable when he comes to the area. After all, he is entirely black.

He’s a black cat and some folks are fearful of Black Cats…

The Black Cat in History

Historically, black cats have been connected with omens, bad luck and, well… evil.

The poor unfortunate kitties have been used in rituals, and were supposedly the”familiars” of witches. Superstition has correlated bad luck with having a black cat cross your own path.

All-in-all, the black cat has been getting some really bad media for decades, and all that is not readily overcome in just a few brief lines in this article.


A really highly sensitive cat, our brand new black Kuma was much more scared of us than we were of him and we made numerous mistakes in the first hour that practically ruined our odds for calmly introducing him to our home.

The steps for finding Kuma, where he had hidden himself in the house, and gradually coaxing him from his hiding spot to join the family was long and agonizing. It took over a month, and we had almost despaired that we’d acclimate him.

Patience & love won out, however…

Superstition Dispelled

Since then, Kuma has been rolling around on our laps enjoying his daily pettings, sleeping in our beds, yowling at the guys he sees from his perch on the special cat window seat hammock we installed for him and just generally bringing a lot of joy into our lives.

He is here to dispel the notion that a black cat signifies bad luck. He’s one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet, and there is absolutely nothing scary about him. And we’ll tell you for a fact that no bad luck is linked with Kuma. He has crossed our routes countless times, and so far we’ve not experienced anything one could think of as “bad luck”.

We have to say, though, that on Halloween night that he seems to be scared of his own black shadow. However, we try to keep him relaxed and happy, in our laps sharing pats and cuddles.