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Seriously, A Black Cat Is Just A Cat!

A Black Cat is Just a Cat

Never Fear A Black Cat! When our old cat died, we decided this time to pick one from the local rescue shelter. They’d named the very first cat that we saw “Batman”, and we fell instantly in love with him on sight. However, once we brought him home, we discovered he didn’t really have the “intestinal fortitude” of his comic book namesake. We also made some mistakes that led to a month long struggle, gently coaxing him from his hiding spot to join the family. We decided […]

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Cat Mythology: Cats as Deity

Cats as deities are most closely associated with ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians had several feline gods and goddesses. Lions were said to guard the great god Ra during his nightly journey through the underworld. The Egyptians had a fascination with lions. They created their sphinx with the body of a lion and the head of Pharaoh. Three lion goddesses existed in ancient Egypt. Sekhmet was a fierce and powerful goddess. She was a war goddess who was sent by her father Ra to earth to destroy […]

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